Health and safety assessment and training (COSHH)

Apple Environmental has fully trained and experienced staff that can provide assessment and training to help you comply with regulations specified in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

What we offer?

Apple Environmental is happy to assist you in all areas of health and safety management.

We can either offer one-off assessments and training or for those companies who do not employ a trained health and safety manager on site, or we can take on this role to deal with all your health and safety management requirements.

For this we proceed in the following manner;

  1. an informal site walk-over offering comments and advice health and safety issues, as required;
  2. a full health and safety assessment were we will typically spend up to a full day on site assessing your current health and safety strategy, recording areas of non-compliance and areas where improvement could be achieved. The results of which can be presented along with recommendations and advice in a summary report or seminar;
  3. training and advice on implementation of any safety procedures advised; and
  4. regular assessments to ascertain that these measures are working affectively. These can be taken yearly, quarterly etc., the frequency of which is dependent on the nature of activities undertaken on site.

Apple Environmental believes that thorough staff training on health and safety issues is essential for the proper implementation of safe procedures, and we can undertake a wide range of training in this area.

How much will it cost?

Apple Environmental operates a ‘pay as you go’ policy. You only pay for the jobs you require. In addition we can provide free advice over the telephone if required. Ensuring that you only see us when you need to, helps keep your costs down.