Environmental auditing and assessment (compliance)

There are many forms of environmental review or audit, and with a history in providing training in environmental regulation and management Apple Environmental is well placed in providing environmental auditing and regulatory compliance services for businesses of all types and sizes.

An environmental audit can have great benefits for a company. Not only does it allow a company to perform in accordance with legal requirements and duties, but in many instances it can often provide the company with a competitive edge within its market. Environmental audits can look at all aspects of the company and its activities, as relevant. Areas such as energy use, waste production and disposal, materials storage, occupational exposure to hazardous substances, on-site drainage, environmental emissions, potential impacts on the locality, licence and permit requirements, amongst others can be assessed.

Apple Environmental can offer a number of specific levels of service in this area that may be of interest, in addition we are flexible in being able to customise our services to your specific requirements.

Apple Environmental can offer the following:

  1. an informal site walk-over offering comments and advice on both environmental and associated health and safety issues, as required;
  2. a basic company environmental compliance review, in which we will typically spend up to a full day on site assessing your environmental obligations. The results of which can be presented along with recommendations and advice in a summary report;
  3. a full environmental review on all aspects of the environmental performance of the company, including associated health and safety areas. Typically this may require us to be on site for longer during which we will review and assess issues both within the company, as well as areas in which the company has an impact on the local environment itself. The findings of this review will be presented in a report with recommendations and advice as appropriate, and can also be presented in the form of a training seminar;
  4. environmental review with production of company environmental policy statement. This effectively moves a step onward from the full environmental review. Once the review has been undertaken a company environmental statement can be compiled taking into account the environmental standing of the company and its policy direction; and
  5. the preparation and installation of a full environmental management system. This puts a whole system in place that runs right throughout the company from the top right through to the bottom. It fully assesses the environmental impacts and obligations and then steers the company through a system of continual environmental improvement, thereby ensuring that the company is ahead of the issues that may arise. Such a system will require full commitment throughout the company and undoubtedly offers benefits both commercially and financially.