Air quality monitoring and assessment

Apple Environmental offers services relating to air quality monitoring and assessment.  Some specific areas in which we can help are summarised below. These include air quality assessments for planning & nuisance.


Air quality assessments – PLANNING

An air quality assessment can be requested by the local authority as a condition for a development proposal if the site of development is situated in an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA).

These are requested due to;

  • concerns over the health of future occupants due to outdoor air quality. Assessments are required to review available air quality information and monitoring undertaken by the local authority in conjunction with the development proposals in order to assess the risk to future occupants both inside the building and outside in amenity space, and make recommendations as to any required mitigation.
  • concerns over the effect that the development itself may have on local air quality. For example, through an increase in particulates from construction dust, or, through an increase in nitrogen dioxide and ozone levels from a subsequent increase in traffic. Assessments in these instances determine the risk to the local air quality and recommend an appropriate mitigation strategy.

Apple Environmental has experience in undertaking assessments of this nature and provide thorough reports utilising all information available to ensure that all concerns are addressed.